Plate Thickness 20 MM to 150 MM

We provide custom metal fabrication services along with custom carbon steel fabricating services, custom alloy steel fabricating services, custom heavy plate steel manufacturing services and custom stainless steel fabrication work. Other services that we provide include custom metal parts manufacturing, exotic metal fabrication, metal machining, certified welding, heat treating, plate cutting, plate bending, metal forming, prototyping, shearing, beveling, painting, flattening, straightening and precision machining.

We provide innovative heavy steel, aluminum, stainless steel and metal fabricating solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), engineering firms, pressure vessel manufacturers. Since 1955, we have been a full service custom metal fabricating job shop specializing in custom heavy steel fabrications, heavy structural steel fabrications, pressure vessel manufacturing and metal plate weldments.

We also provides components for the barge and ship building industries. We are capable of producing hull components for the construction of barges and ships in accordance with the construction codes of ABS (American Bureau of Shipping).

Materials that we process include DH-36, AH-36, EH-36 and FH-40 steel plate. We can fabricate custom structural steel shapes and components from a variety of alloys including SA-516-70, SA-572 all grades, A-36, A-514, SA-517, stainless steel and high nickel alloys. We can perform hot forming and cold forming services for all grades and types of material required. We provide these services for companies that use structural steel for bridge components, buildings components and civil engineering applications.

Other services include ASME code pressure vessel construction, grinding and polishing, machining, reverse engineering, inspection (CMM and NDE) and metallurgical services. The Company is an experienced custom steel and alloy plate fabricator. We manufacture custom steel parts and specialty fabrications using heavy plate, structural steel, aluminum, steel bar, armor plate and many other types of materials.

Our custom metal fabrication services include engineering, raw material selection, consulting and purchasing, CNC (computer numerical control) plasma cutting and burning, metal forming, steel plate machining, component welding and equipment assembly. We are considered an industry leading “fabrication shop” in the area of custom fabrication of complex large components, heavy steel plate, forgings, and machined weldments. We use many different metalworking techniques, tools and processes including sawing, shearing, torch cutting, press brake forming, heat treating, plate bending, plate forming, plate rolling, testing, inspecting and welding.

The Relaible Pipes Tubes Ltd is an experienced full service heavy steel fabricator with the capabilities to produce custom fabricated steel plate, heavy weldments, complex metal fabrications and heavy steel and alloy fabrications including ASME Code pressure vessels. We provide our customers with high quality heavy plate, structural steel and stainless steel fabrication services. We are a custom manufacturer of heavy steel plate fabrications and ASME pressure vessels with excellent mechanical engineering capabilities and metallurgical services.

Custom Fabricating of Heavy and Thick Steel Plate and Plate Steel

The Relaible Pipes & Tubes Ltd. specializes in custom fabricating heavy steel plate, thick steel plate and plate steel for other fabricators, steel service centers and other customers.

We also specialize in the following services:

Custom rolling and forming of steel plate
Heavy steel plate fabrication
Press brake forming
Heavy alloy plate rolling
Heavy plate bending
Steel plate hot forming
Steel plate cold forming
Steel plate cutting
Steel and alloy plate welding
Steel plate heat treating
Steel plate straightening services

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