Non- Coded Equipments

What is Non- Coded Equipments ?

For a non-code tank, manufacturers can build whatever they think will work when combined with accessories and equipment specified by the customer. No outside authorities will inspect or verify how the tank was built. The manufacturer is responsible for the construction and for any warranties offered.

During construction, the manufacturer rolls a shell into a circle and attaches flanged and dished heads, then installs the primary shut-off and the openings for intake and exhaust as needed. The tank is put on skids for truck-mounting and the tank construction is essentially complete. 

Overall, a non-code tank is basically anything a manufacturer feels safe building.

We offer turnkey manufacturing capabilities that include pressure vessel and tank fabrication, and the mechanisms associated with these complex assets. The company offers pressure vessels made of a variety of materials, including multiple grades of carbon steel, duplex stainless steel and a number of grades of stainless steel.

Pressure vessel and tank fabrication is a specialized service that relatively few metal fabricators are capable of providing. The specialists at Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. can take projects from concept through design and installation for customers that rely on pressure vessels to operate safely and deliver consistent performance.

Generally, each and every equipment, comes under the category of Mild and Stainless Steel Vessels (Metal fabrication) can be customized using accurate codes and standards. We are (metal fabrication company) manufactures, suppliers, dealers and exporter of Stainless Steel pressure vessels of all shapes and sizes (be it be horizontal, vertical or cylindrical, spherical).

Our professional team follows the methods and systems for manufacturing of pressure vessels as we are renowned in the metal fabrication industry. We have also manufactured and dealers of pressure vessels in alloy steels, carbon steel, and stainless steel and also manufactures, supplies according to client’s requirement. We have also customized vessels for the clients up to 4 meters long and 3 meters in diameters. The capacity of the pressure vessel is 50L to 10,000L.

We manufacture, dealers the best range of MS Storage tanks, MS as well as SS fuel storage tanks, gasoline storage tank and water storage tank with efficient as well as on time delivery. We having years of experience as well as holds advanced equipment technology which can fulfil all your storage requirements. We have also created customized fabricated vessels for specific range of storage applications and solutions. We have also manufactured and installed different tanks in materials like stainless steel, carbon steel and many more.

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